Icarus Interstellar

making Interstellar flight a reality

Starship Congress 2017



From the frozen tundra of the Arctic to the hottest Deserts in the world, we - humans - have explored resources, brought industry, created jobs and constructed bustling cities where we happily raise our families.

Wherever it is we have decided to live, throughout Planet Earth, we have made miracles happen. Everywhere we go, we create miracles. So why is it, when we conceptualize humans living of the Moon, do we seldom make it past the stage of a Lunar settlement or science outpost? Why after just barely touching down on its surface do we think of the Moon as drab, dreary and desolate? Unwelcoming and unreachable. Where are the Lunar Cities, trans-lunar highways, schools and gardens?

How can we hope to gain experience living, building and working off planet without systematically capitalizing on our nearest, most accessible celestial body? Since 2011, Icarus Interstellar has been researching the pathways which will allow humankind to reach the stars.

As our efforts continue with the invaluable support of people like you, this year we commit Starship Congress to the work we need to do today to bring the stars within reach for everyone. It’s time to make Space a Place for Everybody.


Day 1: The Moon as a Stepping Stone to the Stars (MOON)

Living on the Moon: Lunar city planning, lunar resources, construction, power, water, radiation shielding, living and working, economy, sociology.

Planetary, Deep Space and Interstellar exploration centered around the Moon: Spacecraft Shipyards, Lunar Space elevators, Planetary and Deep Space remote sensing Telescopes.

Day 2: Massive Space Access Project (MSAP) aka "Children in Space"

Earth to Moon and back: transport vehicles and systems, global logistics, tourism, legal and safety considerations, military presence.

Children in Space: Space education, youth space education program, people with disabilities in space, when will we send the first child to space? (when children can go to the moon, everyone will want to go!)

Day 3: Massive Space Based Infrastructure (MSBI)

Space and Lunar Industry: Space stations, mining stations, space services, telecommunications, zero gravity and lunar gravity manufacturing technology development

Space arts, sports, community and culture: everything not traditionally considered infrastructure, but which is necessary for humans to live, love and learn on the Moon and in space.


Starship Congress 2017 was held at the Hyatt Regency Monterey hotel & spa