Icarus Interstellar

making Interstellar flight a reality

Starship Congress 2013


As an opportunity for presentation as well as decision-making, Starship Congress brought the interstellar community together to foster discussion and generate tangible action. Beginning Thursday, August 15 2013 the event was split into three full-days, with days broken into Near-term, Medium-term and Long-term focuses necessary for the realization of an interstellar accomplishment.


Day 1: Near Future—The Next 20 Years

Focus on what can be feasibly realized over the next two decades. This includes interstellar precursor missions, fission-based energy generation and propulsion technology, the robotic and manned exploration of and expansion into our solar system, and the necessary social and economic blocks to see us move toward becoming an interstellar civilization. Other technologies to be discussed include solar sails, beamed energy systems, nuclear fission-based systems and novel earth-to-orbit launch systems.

Day 2: Mid-Future Interstellar Flight—20 -50 years

Focus on what can be accomplished on a timescale to begin 20 years from now, out to the next 50 years. Areas of interest will include fusion rockets, antimatter rockets, future economics, colonization of the solar system, asteroid mining, and commercialization of space.

Day 3: Deep Future Interstellar Flight—50 -500+ years

Focus on what we can accomplish on very long timescales beginning 50 years from now and extending out to the next 500 years. Areas of interest to include the exploration and colonization of nearby star systems, the ethics of colonization, SETI and first contact scenarios, exotic propulsion, warp drives, wormholes, vacuum energy, worldships, hibernation ships and humanity’s expansion into the galaxy.


Hilton Anatole, Dallas, Texas.